How to improve your wi-fi

With us living in a modern world and relying on the internet for work and play- it’s essential we have the best quality connection we can. We’ve put together some tips on how to keep your WIFI performing at it’s optimum.

  1. Select a good place for your router– away from metal appliances that could interfere with the signal it produces
  2. Make sure you stay on top of any updates it needs- This helps prevent security lapses where  you could be at risk of malware attacks
  3. Get a stronger antenna- if you don’t mind having an antenna that’s bigger than the one with your router, then it will be a lot more powerful than the one provided
  4. Password protect so only you can use it– use an encrypted password that can’t be guessed (read our blog post on strong passwords) so only you have access
  5. Buy a WIFI booster/extender– extends the signal to parts of the house where you may find the signal isn’t as strong such as a far back bedroom