Grade A – Light Usage

  • Minimal signs of use.
  • SCREEN faint, barely noticeable marks to screen.
  • CASING very light usage marks to the casing, corners, lids and hinges.
  • PORTS light marks to network ports, power sockets etc.
  • KEYBOARD & PAD light use (no fading to letters on keys).
  • BATTERY used and tested ok

Grade B – Noticeable Usage

  • Long period of good use. Cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect usability or functionality.
  • SCREEN fine scratches
  • CASING light, visible scratches on casing, corner, lid and hinges, rubber feet possibly missing.
  • PORTS clear visible use, marks to network ports, power sockets etc.
  • KEYBOARD & PAD noticeable fading to mouse pad & keys (all letters are still clearly visible).
  • BATTERY used and tested ok.

Grade C – Heavy Usage

  • Long period of extensive use.
  • SCREEN scratches and marks, pressure marks; no larger than thumb print, small cracks that do not impair visibility.
  • CASING deep scratches and dents to corners and lid, hairline cracks that do not affect functionality.
  • PORTS heavy use to network ports and power sockets, possibly missing port covers.
  • KEYBOARD & PAD missing keys, broken buttons (power, reset or optical drive), heavy use to mouse pad and keys (letters hardly visible).
  • MISSING could be missing easily replaceable parts e.g. HDD, RAM or laptop charger, screws missing but unit still intact.
  • BATTERY not guaranteed.