Warning of fake messages from Asda and Morrison’s delivery

Since the pandemic, online shopping and getting your shopping delivered to your house has risen. This has led to fraudsters creating fake delivery text messages to gain your personal details. We’ve included some of the tactics they use to try to convince you they are real. This delivery scam follows the same principle as the Royal Mail Text scam that you may have previously read on our blog.

  1. They send a text claiming your order is out for delivery and includes a click to a fake website you have to click on to confirm your order
  2. They message saying they’ve attempted to deliver your order but weren’t successful, directly you to their site to book another slot
  3. They send you a ‘track your order’ link that takes you to a fake site where you have to input your details to ‘verify’ your order
  • The details they ask for include your name, billing/shipping address and bank details for the card you used to purchase your order. Once they have these details, they can then impersonate you and commit fraud whilst also having access to your bank. Remember to always act suspiciously over any texts you receive like this and follow emails/texts that you get straight after you’ve competed your order as many fake messages are just sent on a whim. If you are unsure you can visit the companies legit site and contact them directly this way, don’t use any contact details that come with the messages if you are unsure.